Johnny Libenzon

Hello! My name is -

‏‏Johnny Libenzon‏‏‎‏‏‎

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A Piecewise Summary of Me

Biomedical Industry

Self Care Catalysts, BMZ, and more.

I've worked at Startups, Startup Incubators, and other medium-to-large companies in the Biomedical sector, primarily as a Product Manager, Project Coordinator, and Software Administrator. And then some.

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Me @ MaRS

MET Hacks

Let's be real: Hackathons > Marathons

A volunteer in 2017, an Operations team member in 2018, and a Co-Chair since... I've been with MET Hacks for a while, and it's been a rewarding experience that I'd never trade for anything.

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RU Hacks 2019 1st-Place Winners-crop

Engineering Undergrad

Be There or Be Dundas Square

Since starting my B.Eng at Toronto Metropolitan University, I've changed significantly. I stumbled, and I doubt I'll be an engineer in the traditional sense in the future, but I'm happy I spent this major step of my life here.

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An image of myself & many other Biomedical Engineering students at Billy Ball 2018

Creative Writing

Write Words, Avoid Sentences

My most favorite and most rewarding hobby has always been writing. Though I only started publishing my work more regularly since the advent of COVID-19, I've been able to publish a number of pieces in spite of my workload. 

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'Atris' - posted with permission by artist Shahab Alizadeh