Johnny Libenzon

Me in Ottawa 2019

Hey, I'm


  • I'm Canadian(ish)

    After emigrating to Canada as a child, I've since become accustomed to the finer things in life - maple syrup, shoveling snow, endless construction - in my hometown of Toronto, Ontario.

  • I'm a Biomedical Engineering Grad

    As of April 2021, I finished my B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University. I've also re-learned how to sleep correctly and lowered my caffeine intake to a healthy six liters a day.

  • I Have Too Many Interests

    From Reading and Writing to Hackathons and Virtual Communities... honestly, the rest of this site is better at detailing who I am, what I've accomplished, and who I aim to become.

Once More, From the Heart

I won’t take up too much of your time. Promise.

I’ve read through various ‘About’ sections before deciding how to compile mine. Some lay out timelines, while others transition their way through years of various projects. I am not a product designer or web developer — I have no portfolio of my own, at least not a coherent one. All I have are experiences, stories, and the will to keep moving.

Every year, I feel like I’ve only just begun. Each step forward is just part of a relentless march towards some unknowable summit, and I can’t seem to see the peak beyond the clouds. When I first joined RU Hacks, I thought I’d do some operations work and perhaps become a VP at some point. Yet only a year later, I had helped lead our most successful iteration yet. But the honor of that success belongs to a team that has stuck with me over the years, many of whom I will be sad to likely never work with again, and to my Co-Chair. Thanks, Annie. We didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but I’m glad we stuck through thick and thin together. Knowing myself, I imagine it couldn’t have been easy!

So many internships, part-time jobs, co-ops that I sometimes jumble them up in my head. TripSpark, Biomedical Zone, MediSystem, FEAS, Honest. Some of those companies are just words for many people, but they mean something to me. I’m not one to constantly ponder on the ‘What If’s’; I hold no regrets in the slightest that though I finished an Engineering degree, it is doubtful that I will work as one in the future. Those experiences taught me something even more important: That I am, by my nature, someone that builds order out of chaos. I like to innovate, and tear down outdated systems that hold others back from their potential. To build massive documents to track the hundreds of moving parts in an organization. To lead.

And I like to write — to create. That much is obvious to those that know me well and have honored me with feedback on my work. In my prose, you can find a piece of my soul that isn’t covered in sarcasm and witticisms. Well, not usually.

The rest is for you to discover. If you’re reading this without knowing much else about me, then I’m afraid you’ve just seen me at my most sincere. But if you’d still like to chat… well, there’s the button. I’m sure whatever follows will be very interesting.